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Skull and Bones Fostered Russian Communism



 It's All in the Family





  Criminal connections to the Financial Fraternity that paid for the creation of Communism, the United Nations and Nazism are explored in this G. Richard Arnold article. It starts with a sharp critique of Marine Captain Daniel Sullivan's article which appeared in Proceedings, the journal of the U.S. Naval Institute. Marine Captain Daniel Sullivan exalts Council on Foreign Relation's "traitor" George F. Kennan to "American hero" status in his U.S. Navy propaganda article which appeared last Fall.. A true history of this vicious villain would show that George F. Kennan should have been tried and convicted of "high treason."


By G. Richard Arnold


George F. Kennan's whole career was that of undermining America's National Security ... in favor of a New World Order run by the Council on Foreign Relations crowd and The Skull & Bones.


The paralysis and neutralization of our Armed Forces "was sold" by Kennan and his "conspirators" as "containment" and "co-existence."


The whole of Kennan's life should be questioned! Kennan should have been put on trial for "high treason" for his participation in brutal Communism's "success" during most of the last century. George Kennan was relentless in his protection, "aid, comfort and support" of those criminals who created and feed the Communist Killing Machine.


Kennan, like Henry Kissinger have continually propagandized for "containment" and "co-existence" with the killers in the Kremlin. He has pleaded not to offend the Soviets, and to support Yugoslavia Communist Tito, he testified before the United States Senate to "back off" the Soviet Cong etc. etc. Kennan opposed "Victory" both in Korea and Viet Nam and served the Wall Street Hitlers who wanted to disarm America. .


Comrade Kennan supported the Fulbright Memorandum to "muzzle the Military." The U.S. military was not allowed to describe Communism as "treacherous" or "vicious" or warn of the menace of "Soviet infiltration." He warned them to never speak of "victory."


Kennan (CFR) and his brethren were constantly afraid that Americans might discover that Communism is a creation of the Faustian Financial Fraternities like the Skull & Bones and their Commu-Fascist friends. "Communism" is their "Rosemary's baby". The Communists have remained on Western life supports since the beginning of the last Century. It is in fact, a killing machine used by the Skull and Bones elite to advance World Government through the United Nations.


The purpose in the creation of Communism was to establish a world government on the ashes of American sovereignty. Their master plan was:


One: to propagandize, force and cull people under its control into accepting the idea of world government; Two: to destroy Nations (nation-states) and develop regional apparatuses to replace Sovereign Nations; Three: to "frighten" ... and "scare" peoples in the West into surrendering their nation's sovereignty to the UN. (Their Manufactured Monster was Communism.) Four: to eliminate or radically reduce the influence of the middle class.




CFR logo/ Skull & Bones (Brotherhood of Death emblem)


George Kennan wrote the authorized biography of E. H. Harriman of (railroad fortune fame). E.H. Harriman became a member of Skull& Bones of which only 15 Yale Seniors are inducted per year. They lay nude in a coffin during the ceremony and are born again into the Brotherhood of Death. Their occult rituals include the use of human remains. Portions of their satanic rituals are identical to those described in John Robison's book published in 1798 called Proofs of a Conspiracy. Robison was a Professor of Natural Philosophy at Edinburgh University. Abbe Barruel's four volume study done in France in 1799 revealed like information ... These books exposed the Illuminati an organization warned about by George Washington. Their goal was to overthrow of all governments and religions and to Run the World through their wisemen The Illuminati Elite.

The destruction of Russia and the creation of the Communist Soviet Union was a special project of the American Illuminati. This was an important first step on their road to killing nations and paving the way for their New World Order.


The co-founder of Skull & Bones, Alphonso Taft became Secretary of War, Attorney General and as the U.S. Ambassador to Russia in the mid eighteen-eighties. Russia was targeted for major brutality via a Communist Revolution.


The headquarters for the operation to make Russia Communist was located at 120 Broadway in downtown New York. It was the address of E.H. Harriman. George Kennan was the hired hack of H.E. Harriman and the Wall Street Hitlers.




Headquarters to install Communism in Russia

First American Communist 120 Broadway, New York

Tombstone of John Reed Paid through Whitney (Skull & Bones)

John Reed (Executive of the Communist Third International) received money from NY Metropolitan magazine which was owned by Eugene Boissevain, a private New York banker employed by Harry Payne Whitney (Skull & Bones). The dots are there ... you need only connect them to get the Big Picture. Reed traveled with Lincoln Steffens to Russia. Steffens wrote the forward to Trotsky's The Bolsheviks and World Peace in 1918. Steffens wrote ... "Lenin is not only the greatest revolutionary, he is the greatest liberal."

A year later, in 1919, Steffens traveled to Soviet Union with William C. Bullitt (who became a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Bullitt married Communist John Reed's wife. And eventually became the American Ambassador to the Soviet Union. Connect the dots folks.


George Kennan, the Chief Soviet apologist, represented the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) took his tour to the Soviet Union with William Bullitt (CFR) in 1933. That;s when Joseph Stalin was murdering millions. Its not like they didn't know of the carnage. The blood ran in the streets like water after a rain storm.


Pardon some repetition but it is important ... You must connect the dots to understand the diagram.


Alphonso Taft the co-founder of the American Chapter of Skull and Bones became ambassador to Russia. Their plan was to set up Russia for a fall. The goal was to create the first Communist country. And they did!


During the critical revolution in 1919 other members of the American Chapter of Skull and Bones did everything they could to impose the yolk of Communism on the Russia people.



Here is how "Skull & Bones" aided the establishment of Communism.

1) Amos Pinchot (Skull & Bones) a founder of the American Civil Liberties Union ... and William Kent (Skull & Bones) of the U.S. Tariff Commission lobbied congressmen for favorable trade with the communist killers who were struggling to secure their power from the people.


2) Thomas D. Thacher (Skull&Bones) law partner at 120 Broadway of Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett) wrote a memorandum that ... encouraged recognition of the Reds, Thacher insisted that American military assistance be used to keep the Japanese out of Siberia, ... give moral support and favorable trade for the newly entrenched Communists. ... Thatcher's reward was the induction of his son Thomas Day Thacher into the (Skull & Bones). His son worked for Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson (Skull & Bones)] Who later headed up the "postwar committee" BEFORE World War II.


3) The chairman of the American-Russian Chamber of Commerce was Samuel R. Bertron (Skull & Bones) Samuel was also Vice President of Guaranty Trust at 140 Broadway. Samuel had gone on the Elihu Root (1917) Mission to Russia to aid the ruthless Red revolution.






Elihu Root's law firm included a staff of Skull& Bones operatives like Whitney, Stimson, Mc George Bundy & William Bundy pictured above


4) Elihu Root was the personal attorney to William Collins Whitney (Skull & Bones) who was Secretary of Navy (1885-1889). ...... Note [son Harry Payne Whitney (Skull & Bones) was at Guggenheim Exploration at 120 Broadway and Guaranty Trust 140 Broadway.]


5) Harold Stanley (Skull& Bones) was vice president and president of Guaranty Trust from 1915 to 1928, Percy Rockefeller (Skull & Bones) was a director of Guaranty Trust during this same time. As was W. Averell Harriman (Skull & Bones) son of E.H. Harriman (Skull & Bones) George F. Kennan's mentor.


Are you starting to get the picture? Bush and these boys are from the same club - the Skull & Bones!


6) The vice president of Guaranty Trust, Max May, became the First vice president the Communist Soviet RUSKOMBANK.


7) The representative of the new Communist Killing Machine at the Soviet Bureau was Ludwig C.A.K. Martens who was Vice President of Weinberg & Posner Engineering 120 Broadway.


8) The Red Cross Mission to Russia was a reconnaissance cover for the conspiracy to overthrow the Czar and his family by the American Illuminati (Skull& Bones). The "Mission" was the preparation for the murder of the Czar and his family and the tens of millions of patriotic Russians who followed them to the grave.


9) George Kennan was well aware that "this mission" was an act of war by his fanatical friends at 120 Broadway, NY. In his book ... Russia Leaves the War ... Kennan quotes Cornelius Kelleher (Asst. to Wm Boyce Thompson) ... "Poor Mr. Billings believed he was in charge of a scientific mission for the relief of Russia ... He was reality nothing but a mask - the Red Cross complexion of the mission was nothing but a mask." Kennan was right ... the Red Cross was a con.



2nd in command Red Cross Mission. Raymond Robins "I am the servant of William Boyce Thompson ... let us assume I'm here to capture Russia for Wall street ..." The Decision to Intervene: Soviet-American Relations pp190,235

Let us repeat "I'm here to capture Russia for Wall Street" This key point is the Rosetta Stone of understanding. It is summed up as Anthony J. Hilder puts it "Communism is not the creation of the masses to overthrow the Banking establishment ... It is a creation of the banking establishment to overthrow and enslave the masses. Communism is not run from Moscow, Beijing or Havana. It is run from London, New York and Washington D. C. "

10) The funding of the conspiracy came through the American National Headquarters of the Red Cross in Washington D.C. under Miss Mabel Boardman. Her father was the only one outside of NY to give over $10,000 to prepare for the overthrow. The NY chairman, for fund raising, H. P. Davison. was rewarded by having his son, H. P. Davison Jr. inducted into the Skull & Bones in 1920.

11) H.P. Davison Sr. had brought Thomas Lamont into the Morgan firm. Lamont funded the American Communist Party which acted as the espionage wing of the Soviet Union. See recently published Venona papers. E. H. Harriman, Russell Sage and J.P. Morgan also heavily funded the Red Cross's participation in the overthrow that would end in the mass murder of millions.


12) Sometime later the U.S. Congress called Thomas Lamont's son Corliss Lamont... "probably the most persistent propagandist for the Soviet Union to be found anywhere in the United States." Lamont was also a director of the American Civil Liberties Union and a member of the American Association for the United Nations. The Communist goals dovetail perfectly, (as planned), with the Council on Foreign Relations goal of a World Government.


The dream of a "New World Order" wasn't first envisioned by Adolph Hitler, Joe Stalin or George Bush. It was first dreamt of by an elite group of "wisemen " or Illuminati. The world Illuminati religiously worship Lucifer, "bearer of the light". President Bush in his speech addressed to the nation talked about a "thousand points of lights" (a millennium under Lucifer) as Hitler once dreamed of a "thousand year Reich".


George F. Kennan ... has provided cover and concealment for this conspiracy.Kennan lied about the use of American troops being used to keep the Japanese out of Siberia in order to protect the Communists while they were consolidating their power. Kennan did not oppose W. Averell Harriman (Skull & Bones) creation of the RUSKOBANK, nor saving Lenin's oil production. (See Pravda September 21 1922) (Int'l Barnsdall Corp) owned by Guaranty Trust ... 140 Broadway [ V.P. Eugene Stetson son Eugene W. Stetson Jr. (Skull & Bones) ] & Lee Higgison Co was owned by W. A. Harriman and Frederick Winthrop Allen both were (Skull&Bones). They established the Georgian Manganese Co.


I have little doubt that the U.S. Marine Captain Sullivan would paint General George Marshall a hero if the opportunity presented itself. George C. Marshall deliberately sacrificed the Armed Forces at Pearl Harbor to "Kick-off the war." (Which resulted in the murder of 50,000,000 people) This was so the Skull & Bones and friends could offer the UNITED NATIONS as "the last hope for peace" at the conclusion of the catastrophe The framework for their New World Order was set in place in 1945 with Alger Hiss as the U.N.'s first Secretary General.


During Lend Lease W. Averell Harriman (Skull & Bones) was in charge ... Harriman opened the flood gates to increase of heavy armaments and needed food to the Communist butchers. Harriman admitted that ..."two thirds of all the large enterprises in the Soviet Union had been built with U.S. help or technical assistance." U.S. State Dept File 033.1161 Communism of the 1900's was a special project of the American Illuminati (Skull & Bones).



Harriman (Skull & Bones) with his vassal Joseph Stalin. The Communist killers were to drive Europe into a "European Union" as the precursor to the New World Order. In 1870' one writer aptly called the Skull & Bones " THE BROTHERHOOD OF DEATH". America's Secret Establishment p23 


At the conclusion of World War II both Germany and Japanese were thoroughly defeated. But the Communists were financially and politically sustained by the Skull & Bones brotherhood. The Communists were a necessary evil to frighten Europe into accepting NATO as the first step toward their creation of the European Union and World Government. The Illuminati Skull & Bones used Kennan (CFR) ... to get America's Armed Forces to pull its punches and accept its enemies as Allies.

Whence forth, came the pro-Soviet stratagem called containment and co-existence. Generals like George Patton who wanted to win had to be eliminated. The Marshall Plan was to weld a deliberately broken Europe into the United States of Europe. The "Illuminati wisemen" constructed a major portion of their coming New World Order by regional agreements under the UN treaties.


We all know the first acting head of the UN was Communist spy Alger Hiss (CFR) and Hiss hired more than forty CFR conspirators to complete the creation of their U.N. Charter for global Government. The CIA George Herbert Walker Bush (Skull & Bones) reverently refers to the Communist founder and his CFR cohorts as visionaries. It was William Bundy (CFR) (Skull& Bones) who coughed up the money for Alger Hiss's defense. Bundy ran the CFR's magazine Foreign Affairs and headed the Ford foundation whose purpose was to "so alter the U.S. that we would merge with the Soviet Union."


In line with George Kennan's containment policy ... George Kennan states according to The Biographical Dictionary of the Left ... "often I have had more respect for them (the Communists) than for pillars of American society ...."



 George Kennan (left) was brought to The Institute of Advance Study in Princeton by J. Robert Oppenheimer (pictured right). His wife Kitty, brother Frank and sister-in-law were members of the Communist Party. Red Robert was giving $1,000 per month to the communist Party. KBG, member Sudoplatov boasted Oppenheimer ..."rendered considerable help to our scientists by giving them the latest materials on the atom bomb ..."

 George C. Marshall bragged that he single handedly disarmed 39 anti-communist divisions in China "with the stroke of a pen." George Marshall also countermanded General MacArthur's order to Lieutenant General Stratemeyer to destroy the six Yalu bridges the Chinese were using to cross over into Korea to massacre our soldiers in the South. . General Stratemeyer testified ... "We were required to lose the war. WE WEREN'T ALLOWED TO WIN." 

Receipt for uranium sent to USSR


[Picture left] (George C. Marshall with Robert Lovett of the Skull & Bones. Lovett was a partner of Brown Bros, Harriman (Skull & Bones. Lovett's partner, Mathew C. Brush set up three companies in the Soviet Union. [Picture right] Marshall celebrates the "Chinese Communist" victory on the mainland with the butchers of Beijing. 


There can be little question why U.S. Marine Captain Sullivan's hero is George Kennan.

Victory has become the forbidden word among America's armed services. Victory is no longer acceptable by Kennan and his brethren ... because United States Victory interferes with their plan for a New World Order and World Government.


George Kennan does not believe in AMERICAN VICTORY. These "traitors" laud each other in the War Colleges. Like Al Gore's class in journalism at Columbia ... there are consequences if a student "speaks out of class." The CFR's Secretary of Defense under both Clinton and Bush prohibit any talk of a strong and independent United States. Almost every seminar, every speech, every maneuver, or project must be multi-national or promote internationalism. This is the legacy of ... "the turncoat" George Kennan (CFR) and his Council on Foreign Relations "conspirators."


George F. Kennan (CFR) was Deputy for Foreign Affairs at the National War College opposing "victory over Communism." He was in favor of "containment." Kennan promoted the lie that Communism is "mellowing". Kennan's avid support for the Soviet Union was so great that he authored an article titled Sources of Soviet Conduct in Foreign Affairs magazine (the official journal of the CFR). In this Communist serving trial balloon Kennan signed the article with an X. Parts of the article were reprinted in Life magazine, which was owned by Henry Luce (Skull &Bones).


The book Henry R. Luce (Skull & Bones) by Robert Herzstein, the author, refers to an article The World from Rome where ..." Bullitt (CFR) hoped that the West would respond by establishing a European Association." Jean Monnet, V.P. of Transamerica the holding company of Bank of America spent his life creating a United States of Europe. His "fellow traveler" between Europe and America was Harry Hopkins (Communist Agent 19). see The Venona Secrets by Romerstein & Breindel.


Henry Luce launched Time magazine with loans from CFR agent Thomas Lamont, a major contributor to blatant Communist causes. Other money came from Harvey Firestone and E. Roland Harriman (Skull &Bones) , brother to Averell Harriman who was inducted into the Skull and Bones in 1917... the same year Prescott Sheldon Bush (Skull & Bones), George Bush's paternal grandfather laid nude in a coffin at the Yale tome and took the "satanic oath."


Prescott Bush's scorn for the military is reflected in his promotion of Julius C. Holmes (CFR). Julius (CFR) worked in tandem with Alger Hiss (CFR) in the forming of the UN in San Francisco) in 1945 ... Julius bought oil tankers from the U.S. government. One was leased to the Soviet Union so they could carry petroleum from Rumania to the Chinese Communists who were killing Americans during the Korean war. The Council on Foreign Relations President Henry Wriston wanted Julius Holmes appointed Ambassador to Iran. During the Senate debate Senator Prescott Bush (CFR) (Skull& Bones) pleaded with the U.S. Senate by quoting Wriston said "Julius Holmes was the ablest man in the Foreign Service Corp of the United States. Bush thumbed his nose at those who died and were wounded. The Bush family have long thought the Armed Forces are too damned dumb to know what is going on but should be willing to die for the New World Order. Hitler's attitude was identical.


It stands to reason that Junior Bush would appoint another CFR clone who supports World Government to be the newest Secretary of Defense. Colin Powell will appease Communism at every level ... every time and will always weaken our borders and undermine United States Sovereignty. You can count on it. Powell is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.


Senator Prescott Bush's son George Bush (CFR) (Skull& Bones) became head of the CIA, then Ambassador to the UN, as well as our first Ambassador to Red China. On January 16th, 1991 in a televised press conference about the Gulf War ... Bush said ... "we have a real chance at this New World Order, an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the UN's founders."



Former Soviet Butcher Gorbachev and George Herbert Walker Bush (Skull& Bones)

Both Call for a "New World Order"

The Ford Foundation's purpose is ... "to so alter the U.S. that it would comfortably merge with the Soviet Union " ... for a New World Order (According to H. Rowen Gaither). Disciplined Agents moved from the cold war mode to the ecology strategy for today's power grabs. Gorbachev is now enthroned at the San Francisco Presidio.

George F Kennan preparing for the final rape of America now claims ... "The Great Enemy is not the Soviet Union but the rapid deterioration of our planet." Gorby now heads the International Green Cross. This "CommUNist con man" is stripping away private property faster than the destruction of private farms in the Ukraine under Stalin and Khrushchev.


While George Kennan was State Department advisor and Ambassador to the USSR, Robert Lovett (Skull & Bones) was undersecretary of State and Secretary of Defense.


Dan Smoot, former asst to J. Edgar Hoover was well aware of George Kennan's acts of high treason. Smoot authored a book in 1962 titled The Invisible Government. It states that it was because of George F. Kennan's personal persuasion that Roosevelt agreed to isolate Berlin 110 miles inside Communist East Germany. Even Arthur Krock of the New York Times on June 18, 1961 called that disastrous decision a "war-breeding monstrosity," a "witless travesty" and "military incompetence."


But Captain Sullivan in the December, 2000 Proceedings writes that Kennan's strategy should be unquestioned. There is no question Kennan was guilty of High Treason and was responsible for the massacre of tens of thousands of Americans from Europe to Korea.


President Teddy Roosevelt called Kennan's mentor, E. H. Harriman ... an Enemy of the Republic.


I call ... "George F. Kennan an Enemy of the United States and free nations everywhere."


George Kennan was directly behind President Truman's firing of General Douglas MacArthur. It came about because the Great General wanted to win the war in Korea. Macarthur did not want to have American's die for communist Containment.


Dean Acheson said ....."the only reason I told the president to fight in Korea was to validate NATO." The quote was taken from The Wisemen by Walter Isaacson & Evan Thomas p698.



Left Harry Dexter White (Soviet Agent), Fred Vinson, Dean Acheson ... Acheson's daughter married William Bundy from the (Skull & Bones), Dean's son David Acheson was inducted into (Skull & Bones). Dean ..." defended Alger Hiss (CFR/NKVD) to the bitter end."

Dean Acheson's son David Campion Acheson was inducted into the Skull & Bones in 1943. And became a partner of Covington & Burling in Washington D. C. That law firm included William P. Bundy (CFR) (Skull & Bones). Bundy was full blown CIA and Assistant Secretary of Defense and Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs where the no-win victory polices of George Kennan (CFR) were kept in full effect - As it is today under George JR.


The policy of defeat and retreat was deliberately designed to scuttle the sovereignty of the U.S. by the Cashist Cartel that controls America's commerce and currency..


William Bundy was editor of Foreign Affairs the CFR quarterly. Bundy had given hundreds of dollars to the Alger Hiss Defense fund. The Venona papers clearly show that Alger Hiss was a Soviet Traitor which is not much different than the services provided by George Kennan and the American Illuminati. The Soviet traitor Hiss merely had his hands slapped for High Treason by another Council on Foreign Relations member Richard Nixon. Both Nixon and Hiss were in the CFR.


Alger Hiss (CFR) and Kennan (CFR) were at Yalta where they concocted the idea of placing Berlin behind enemy lines already referred to in this article Alger Hiss arranged the mid-century capstone for the New World Order when he became the first acting Secretary General of the United Nations in San Francisco.



Alger Hiss , American Traitor (CFR) (NKVD) 1st acting Secretary General of the United Nations together with over 40 CFR members assembled the United Nations in San Francisco in 1945. [Pictured Right is Hiss's Soviet medal]

William Bundy's brother McGeorge Bundy (CFR) (Skull& Bones) was National Security advisor during the Vietnam War where he practiced the "no win" strategies of George Kennan. Like a loyal Illuminati "wise man" Bundy screened all material that went to the President. The installation of Castro's Communism in Cuba can be laid at his feet. McGeorge Bundy was President of the Ford Foundation. Another former president of the Ford Foundation, H. Rowan Gaither Jr., said the Ford Foundation's ..."purpose was to so alter the United States that it would comfortably merge with the Soviet Union."

George Kennan (CFR) ... was quick to warn Americans to stop the scorn and ridicule ... of the Russian Communists. In a speech made on May 3rd in 1956, Kennan claimed the Communists had mellowed and they had more liberal attitudes and more courtesy. This was six months before the Communists rolled over the freedom fighters in Hungary" slaughtering thousands of men, women and children.


George Kennan (CFR) was interviewed on CBS by Walter Cronkite in 1987. In that interview Walter introduced Kennan as "one of our genuine wise men." George Kennan advocated a permanent body that would "advise" both the President and Congress with the same "prestige and authority of opinions of the Supreme Court".. This "arch-traitor" who spent his lifetime saving the REDS from the American Military clearly demonstrated his contempt for liberty and those who believe in limited self government with Constitutional checks and balances.


Kennan and his Skull & Bones pals have betrayed America and its people to further their Satanic goal to Run the World for a "thousand points of light." They stand now ready ... to EXECUTE ... America. Through immigration ... de-industrialization ...and the nationalizing of local schools to reduce the United States to a third world nation dependent upon foreign oil and foreign industry controlled by the Cashist Cartel.


The Skull & Bones needs to completely disarm America ... so that it cannot fight and will "fit in" with the rest of the "nation-states" ruled by the "wisemen." They will create a crisis .. as they created Communism ... to bring about chaos ... so that the remaining people in their desperation to survive will beg for protection by a world government that promises to bring about "order". A nuclear attack by a rogue nation would fit right into the lexicon being promoted by their "organs" in year of 2001. President George W. Bush is now eliminating 80% of the US nuclear missiles. And, Colin Powell has literally abolished the United States southern border.


If Captain Daniel S. Sullivan is in over his head he can always run to Vice Admiral Arthur K. Cebroski (CFR) for Cebroski is a proud member of the Council on Foreign Relations too and an incumbent director of the U.S. Naval Institute.



(Pictured Left) John D. Rockefeller III purchases land for UN Building. Harold Pratt of Standard Oil Fortune donated the building [Right] that houses the CFR. George "Pratt" (of the same family) ... Schultz (CFR) former Secretary of State is now a key advisor to our Skull & Bones President George W. Bush. David Rockefeller chairman of the CFR for 15 years and the vice-president for 20 years has for a half a century to kept it "All in the Family." Got the picture?

Admiral Chester Ward, a true patriot said that the Council on foreign Relation's purpose was to ..." bring about the surrender of the sovereignty and the national independence of the United States." The facts are undeniable! The Armed Services are to be turned over to the UN in accordance with (State Department Publication 7277)


(Picture left) UN symbol; (center picture) symbol of the Soviet Union; (picture right) cover of State Department Publication 7277, which calls for America's Armed forces to be turned over to the United Nations. 

The American Armed Forces are saddled by these conspirators. Though there are less than 1000 members of the Skull & Bones alive ... (they induct only 15 per year) and about three thousand members of the Council on Foreign Relations. U.S. citizens like Captain Sullivan voluntarily serve these "traitors" ... some unthinkingly, some willingly. Servers like Sullivan grovel at their feet and carry "the messages" as would servant boys from yesterday who once carried water for their masters.

George F. Kennan (CFR) represents a total betrayal of the America people and its armed Services. He and his clan completely reject the United states Constitution.


This Article is written for and Dedicated to the America's Armed Forces


Please Note ... In 1917 the Federal Reserve Bank of New York was located at the 120 Broadway which was the headquarters for the funding of the Communist and Nazi movements. It is where Pierre Jay (Skull & Bones) became the First Chairman of the NY Federal Reserve, in NY city.


According to Bruce Lockhart's book British Agent, Colonel William Boyce Thompson of the Red Cross Mission ... "had denounced in blunt language the folly of the Allies in not opening up negotiations with the Bolsheviks." G. P. Putnam's sons 1933 pp 198-99 Thompson who was the first full-time director of the Federal Reserve in NY had given $250,000 to the Red Cross for the preparation of the Red Revolution. Remember it was Raymond Robins who claimed he was "Thompson's servant" and "I'm here to capture Russia for Wall Street."


 This 1911 cartoon by Robert Minor carried in the St Louis Post-Dispatch includes J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller & Andrew Carnegie. Ninety years ago some people could see why the Manhattan Money Monarchy embraced Karl Marx and Socialism.

Alger Hiss was a Soviet spy and the First Secretary General of the UN was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Hiss worked with the Soviet NKVD and headed the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. We have a trend here.


Now the public can begin to understand the "3money marriage" between Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler and Wall Street.









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